There are several ways you can support our efforts. First of all... LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! You have two sites to provide you with Cool Indie Music you've never heard before! Download the tracks on our Indie Record Pool,, and by all means, tune in and listen to the music stream at! The best support you can provide is to discover the talent we are offering through our projects.

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All proceeds received by goes into ongoing funding of our projects. is in desperate need of Computer, Equipment and Stream Upgrades. Costs to operate websites and internet streams run hundreds of dollars each month. By crowd sourcing some of these expenses we are able to provide low or no cost marketing for great acts that just don't have a lot of money to get noticed. As we have said, all proceeds we receive are turned back into promoting and marketing our projects, and supporting our internet stream.

We can also use some help with Social Media marketing and Website Design (obviously). If you would like to voluenteer some of your time or skills, please reach out to us. You will certainly receive our eternal gratitude as well as mention on our supporters page. Anything you can do to support the exposure of Indie Music as a part of this project is welcome. If you are interested in an Internship, please contact Patrick Rule ( patrick (at) ).

If you are a "rock star" young lawyer who would like to consult with us on developing and as not-for-profit corporation, pro bono, don't hesitate to get in touch! (You never know unless you ask...) In all seriousness, we feel that we can create a non-profit platform to benefit the underserved indie artists, and educate the general public on the vast world of music outside the mainstream.

Monetary exchanges are accepted from anybody and everybody with our gratitude. If you like independent music, have reviewed our materials and would like to kick in, we'll take it! While we are not "not-for-profit" at this point, all persons that contribute to make this project a reality will receive Gift Rewards including honorable mentions/artist linkbacks, project CDRs and USB Drives. Help us expose top talent, and receive treasured keepsakes showing you Support Indie Music!

All transactions are processed securely via PayPal through Relax Web Productions, our parent company. If you need further assistance or more information please contact Patrick Rule at patrick (at)


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