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For many recording artists and independent labels, representation at key events such as CMJ, SXSW, Burning Man, etc., is cost prohibitive. With our projects, indie artists can generate direct buzz at these events for a fraction of the cost of going it alone, by participating in our crowd sourced marketing and promotion projects.

Projects include cooperative and "non-commercial" exhibition of art and music at various events, with artists contributing placement fees to cover project expenses. Commercial exhibition projects includes representation at music conferences, with both and gift bag representation and ad buys in conference publications. Other projects include music distribution at concerts and clubs, staged public events, and downloads through the RFMO web site. All participants who contribute to the project also receive airplay and exposure on the RelaxFreeRadio.org internet stream.


1. Submit Your Music: FREE SUBMISSION! All submitted music is subject to review and acceptance by RFMO / RFRO staff.

2. Acceptance: Each submission is reviewed and recording artists are accepted based on the quality of their music, regardless of genre. Accepted artists will receive information how to participate on our current and future exposure opportunities. All submissions are considered for Free Airplay on RelaxFreeRadio.org!

3. Crowd Sourced Expenses: Our projects are based on the principal of crowd sourcing, whereby all proceeds from each project are used to defray the expenses of executing them. This allows recording artists to pool their promotion budgets to generate awareness for their music at a fraction of the cost of "going it alone". By taking this approach, we provide tremendous amounts of exposure for participating artists, at minimal cost.

4. Project Execution: Each project is unique, limited to a specific period of time, number of physical units produced, and number of participating artists. Your music will be carried on one of a kind digital media, (USB Drives and CD-Rs) that are given away as keepsakes at events. During the life of each project, your song is available on the RelaxFreeMusic.org website for anyone to download as an MP3 file for free. Each project carries a simple goal: to get your music heard by as many people as possible!

5. Exposure: Each project is backed with extensive radio promotion and publicity campaigns targeting media outlets at print, internet, radio and tv. With our unique concepts and planned events, RelaxFreeMusic.com offers a fresh angle on music exposure that Supports Indie Music.


In addition to consideration for our next project, your music submission will also be considered for Free Airplay on RelaxFreeRadio.org. All Recording Artists are required to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before completing the form below.

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Crowd Sourced Music Marketing

RelaxFreeMusic.org was created to develop "out-side-the-box" marketing and promotion projects for Independent Recording Artists. Learn how you can Support Indie Music and help us with our Ongoing Projects. Independent Recording Artists should Submit Music for Future Projects.

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